Glenda Ritz Visits Michigan City Area Schools


Principal McCollum, Superintendent Barbara Eason-Watkins , and two members of the MCHS Cityzen Newspaper pose with Glenda Ritz.

Kyle Hurt

On Thursday, May 14th, Glenda Ritz, Superintendent of the Indiana Board of Education, visited our campus. She was shown the many unique things MCHS has to offer such as the Engineering Program which will be expanding next year, the Early College Program which allows students to earn college credits even as Freshman, and the vast amount of foreign languages we offer.

Ritz was impressed with our focus on getting our students ready for college and other careers, which is why the Department of Education is getting away from the Common Core standards. Later that day she visited Kruger Middle School and spoke to the Rotary Club. Again, she was impressed by our efforts in creating a school environment rich in opportunities for the students moving forward after high school.

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