Let’s Read: 13 Going on 30

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

“Be careful what you wish for” is more than true in the movie 13 Going on 30. When Jenna Rink makes a wish to be thirty, flirty, and thriving on her thirteenth birthday, that is exactly what she gets. The problem is, she does not remember anything after the wish. She is now a thirteen year old girl in her thirty year old body. She learns that she no longer talks to her parents and is now best friends and co-workers with Lucy Wyman, the leader from the popular group “Six Chicks” in junior high.

As she wakes up dazed and confused about what happened, she is determined to find Matty and figure out what is going on. Jenna asks her assistant to find where he lives so that she can talk to him. When she does, she is surprised to hear that they are no longer friends. Matty tells her that at her thirteenth birthday party she threw the doll house that he spent three weeks making for her at him and they stopped talking after that.

She is able to bring him back into her life after a party for Poise, the magazine she works for. While nobody is really enjoying themselves she starts to dance to “Thriller” and gets Matty to dance with her. Together they are able to entertain the guests and save the party.

After the party, Poise decides that they need to redesign the magazine or else they will get shut down. She gets the idea to ask Matty to take pictures for her idea on the new design. Her idea is to use real people in the magazine instead of models.

Matty and Jenna spend the next week together taking pictures so that she can propose the idea to her boss. When she learns that Lucy is planning a new design as well, she wants to make sure her design is the best.

During the week that Jenna and Matty are together they begin to fall for each other but this poses a problem for Matty because he is engaged and is supposed to get married within the next week. More problems come from Lucy as well as Matty, and through her dissapointment, Jenna realizes how hard it actually is to be an adult.

Throughout the movie Jenna learns that being an adult is more difficult than she originally thought and that kids should enjoy their youth as long as possiple.

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