Let’s Read: A Curious Mind

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

Curiosity helps to expand the knowledge we already have and introduce new ideas to the world.

Producer, Brian Grazer, realizes this and uses curiosity every day in his relationships, at work, and everywhere else in his life. He has used his curiosity and experience as a producer to write his book, “A Curious Mind”, released in April of this year. The book sheds light on his views of curiosity and why he believes that it is the way to live a bigger life.

In the introduction of the book Grazer explains that curiosity has been the key to his success as well as his happiness. He says, “Curiosity is what gives energy and insight to everything else I do.” He has noticed though, that as much as he values curiosity, he does not really see anyone else using it and embracing it. He even makes a point to say that we do not credit curiosity. We cover it up with words like “creative” and “innovative”.

Over the last thirty five years Grazer has been having curiosity conversations with everyone he meets. He says that at one point in his career, he had an assistant just for arranging these meetings.

He writes about just some of the people that he has talked to and how they affected him. One that he remembers specifically was with Lew Wasserman, the head of MCA. Grazer was still working at Warner Brothers as a legal clerk so getting this meeting with him was a big deal. Wasserman told Grazer that the only way for him to go anywhere was to bring the ideas himself because he had nothing else. While others may have found Wasserman to be rude, Grazer was able to use what he said as a learning experience. He said, “My curiosity was worth more than money-because I did not have any money.” After that meeting he started to actually create ideas with his curiosity.

Another story that he tells in his book is about children. Children are some of the most curious people we know. He uses an example of when a child asks a lot of questions, such as: “Why is the sky blue? How high up does the blue go?” When adults do not give the child an actual answer it can make him/her feel that asking questions is not okay and this can kill their curiosity. When we do not have curiosity we cannot make new ideas. Creativity and innovation are spurred from curiosity; they are not the same thing.

Grazer’s goal of the book is to show people the value of curiosity and the fun people can have by using it. He says, “Life is not about finding the answers, it is about asking the questions.”

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