MC and SB football game ends with a Friday night fight

Officials delegate over the brawl. 
Photo credit: News Dispatch

Officials delegate over the brawl. Photo credit: News Dispatch

Michael Hebb, Sports Editor

On Friday 21, 2015, Ames Field was the host of the Michigan City High School football team’s first game of the season, but the results of the game were not as expected. Late in the first half, after multiple unsportsmanlike penalties were called against South Bend, a brawl broke out on the sideline between several players from both teams. Coaches, officials, and even police officers were all trying their best to calm down the players and break up the fight.

After a long deliberation between the officials and police, the game was abruptly ended. Though the game ended short, it was obvious that some players would be reprimanded.

A meeting was held by the IHSAA, in which they concluded that four players from Michigan City would be suspended one game, and two from South Bend with the same punishment. All of these players must complete an online Sportsmanship course before returning to the field.

Also, one assistant coach on South Bend, who was in the middle of the shuffle, was suspended indefinitely by the school.

Because the game, as said by the IHSAA in their latest press release, “did not end in the appropriate manner,” there is no winner and the game will be recorded as a double forfeit.

Michigan City High School Athletic Director, Craig Shaman, said, “There was an unfortunate incident at Friday’s game, and some students reacted in a poor manner.” When it came to talking about how to prevent this from happening in the future, Shaman said, “As a community, we need to work on this and try to learn from it. Both high schools are working very hard to address the matter.”

Though the game never escalated to a full-fledged brawl, it was still a disappointing night for many students, parents, and pure football fans from both teams and fan sections. Hopefully, this will be an opportunity for all those involved to learn from, and both teams can move along with their seasons.


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