Syrian refugee crisis continues to grow

Sage Santana, News Reporter

With continuing tensions in Syria, many people have fled in hopes of escaping tyrannical governments, crippling economic conditions, and other factors that force many Syrians from their homes, sometimes leaving behind their families or young children.  As the numbers of Syrian  refugees continue grow, their migration continues to move further and further into Europe. However, some interesting developments have been made that may help a great number of Syrian refugees in the near future.  This year alone, 340,000 refugees have migrated into countries such as Greece, Italy, Hungary, and Germany.  The journeys have been littered with death, illness, and other struggles for many of these refugees.  However, most recently, Germany has opened its doors to the refugees, allowing for them to stay and apply for asylum. As this new development circulates, it is expected that an estimate of around 800,000 more refugees will apply for asylum in Germany this upcoming year. In addition to announcing that asylum will be available, a meeting will be held this September 14 in Brussels between France, Germany, and Great Britain to “strengthen the European response” to the growing refugee crisis. Although this helpful assistance from wealthier European nations makes some attempt at alleviating the issue, many refugees are still migrating to more impoverished, Balkan nations.  Here, aid groups struggle to reach the migrants. Necessities such as food and water are scarce for these refugees.  Although they are migrating to these Balkan nations by the thousands every day, their number are so overwhelming to the countries, Syrians refugees are being transported as far north as Serbia.  As the struggle continues for these refugees, many continue to hold out hope that they will find a better life for themselves, and their families.

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