Steering Committee

the perfect way to get involved

MCHS provides tons of opportunities to get students involved. One such option is to participate in steering committee. Steering committee is like a mini student council aimed at a specific class. These students get together and make all the decisions regarding their class. They decide on things like a class t-shirt, fundraisers, prom, and their senior picnic. Every single class at the high school has a steering committee but based on the grade the committees focus on different things. The freshman generally start small with few fundraisers gearing up for the prom that they will have to throw one day.  Sophomores attack fundraising a little bit more finally realizing that prom is right around the corner, and juniors get ready and plan for the big day.

The senior class finally finished with the stress of prom can think about lighter things such as homecoming queen candidate and the perfect gift to get for the school. Steering committee is essentially the governing board and an important part of the school because it gives students a voice. It gives students the opportunity to help in the decision making process that goes along with the high school experience.

Getting involved in steering committee is a great idea because it gives students the ability to discuss and take on responsibility. It helps students learn to be dependable and help out with the community. Steering committee like most other things allow students to vote and run for class president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and there are three representatives. Each of these positions is mandatory to be involved in student council as well. Steering committee is a club run by students with the help of class sponsors, which is two MCHS faculty members. This allows students to be in charge of something and be able to run something of their own.


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