Art Department T-shirt Funraiser

Kaitlin Emerick, Chief Photographer

Michigan City High Schools Art department recently had a creative contest between all the art classes. Each student that is enrolled in an art class was expected to design a T-shirt that had to do with an art class and also a shirt that had to do with MCHS in general. The teachers decided this was a great way to wait for schedules to be fixed and moved around at the beginning of the year, instead of starting projects just for students to be switched out. The Art teachers; Mrs. Whitler, Miss. Kedo, Mrs. Cleveland, and Mrs. Ehrhardt,  all collected the designs from their students last week. The teachers were to choose their favorite Art shirt, and City shirt from all of their classes. Each teacher then was to show their classes the four art shirts and four city shirts they had choose from. Each art class took their turn voting for their favorite, and the winners were chosen last Friday. The winner of the art shirt was George Hough, who takes photo One with Mrs. Whitler. The winner of the City shirt was Kamryn Beal, who takes Digital Design One with Mrs. Ehrhardt. The Art department is excited to sell these t-shirts to ALL Michigan city High students (not only students enrolled in art classes) and feel it will be a fun, creative way to fundraise and collect extra money to help with supplies.








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