Same School Siblings

Tamira Hall, Feature Reporter

Picture provided by google
Picture provided by google

Many students at Michigan City High School have siblings who are younger than them and therefore went to one of the two middle schools here: Barker Middle School or Krueger Middle School last school year. With the new school year among us, some of those middle school students will be joining their older siblings at Michigan City High School. A few students were asked their comment on the subject at hand. “My sister and I have a weird relationship. We get along most times, but sometimes we argue. Just like all siblings. With her being three years younger than me, we just have different hobbies and interests so we do not hang out. I usually only saw her at home because she went to barker,” said senior Paris Johnson. “But now that she goes to the same school as me I see her all the time.” Johnson’s little sister also spoke on going to school with her sibling. “I love my big sister. I look up to her in a way. It is nice to see her at school, but I see her at home all the time. When we were going to different schools, I got a break away from her. “They both agreed that school was their home away from home. “But now since I am in high school, I see her all the time. I am always with her,” continued Nieves. “I like going to school with my sister because she is here to help me whenever I get lost in this big school. She also sits with me at lunch because none of my friends have the same lunch hour as me. I really like that we go to the same school this year because she gives me a ride to school and I do not have to take the bus like I had to in middle school.

A couple other senior students agreed that they like their younger siblings going to the same school as them because they felt as if they could not protect them from things such as bullies when they were going to the middle schools. Since they are in the same school now, they can protect them and make sure that nothing happens to them. Jasmine Martin said, “I like that I can keep a better eye on her now.” It is not so bad going to the same school as a sibling after all, it has its perks.

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