Sarah Smith’s a Superb Sport

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

On Tuesday September 1, Junior, Sarah Smith was told before the home game against Valparaiso that she had received a sportsmanship award through the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA).

While playing against Hobart on August 25, Smith had a concern from the goalie and needed to talk to the referee about it.

“Sarah was very polite when speaking to the referee. She was patient and never lost her composure,” said assistant coach and MCHS teacher, Ben Gillman.

The IHSAA is working with the NAIA and their Champions of Character Five Star School Leadership Award Program to present these awards. When a student is recognized for their sportsmanship during a game,  points are awarded to the school as well, which contributes to the overall score that year. All high schools can win the Champions of Character Five-Star Leadership School Banner Award.

To win the award there are five things that have to happen:

  1. The school must earn a minimum 95 out of 100 sportsmanship points.
  2. A committee of student athletes, parents, and staff have to help create a sportsmanship/leadership/citizenship message.
  3. Spread the message around the entire community
  4. All head coaches have to have completed the NAIA’s Champions of Character Online Coaches’ Training
  5. A minimum of one chapter of the Champions of Character video series has to be shown to all the participating student athletes, parents, and coaches

Winning this award gives the school a banner to hang in their gym and a digital banner to put on their website.

Smith says, “I think it is very important that the IHSAA is promoting sportsmanship and recognizing players for their actions on and off the field. It is always important to have players acting appropriately and I feel honored to be recognized as a player that demonstrates those qualities.”  
To learn more about the award, click here.  

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