Lady wolves soccer faces injuries

Amira novitzke, reporter

As this school year begins, sports are kicking into action, including the girls’ soccer team. Although they conditioned over the summer, there have been many injuries so far.

During conditioning, one of the goalies, Brittany Adams, wasn’t able to play because of an unknown knee injury. Since June this has been keeping her away from the net.

Soon after, mid-player Lauren Slisher was out for a few games because her knee cap slid out of place. After going to the athletic trainer, she had to wear a brace for a couple days and then things went back to normal. At least for a little bit.

At the girls’ game against Marquette, mid-player Kelsey Pearson was running for the ball and felt pain soon after. After going to the doctor they found out she had an abdominal strain and a slightly ruptured hip bone. This is keeping her from playing until sectionals.

Defensive player, Sarah Smith, could not play in a game last week because of her knee. Her knee was beginning to swell and the trainer thought she should take a rest until things became better for her.

Next came Becca Jenson. She mostly plays defense and sometimes she specifically marks on good players. Becca went to the hospital because she felt really sick and her side was hurting really bad. After the doctors took blood, they still did not know what was wrong with her. Hopefully she gets back into action soon.

Following her, forward Hannah Laux, went down after a rough game against Valpo. During the end of the game, a player from Valpo and Hannah both went for the ball and Hannah got kicked in the ankle. She went the next day to the doctor’s but since there was so much swelling, they did not know if it was sprained or broken. The doctors told her to come back for another X-Ray in ten days and then they will determine when she can play next.

Although an enormous amount of girls have already gotten hurt so far, the lady wolves keep their heads together and play well. Hopefully everyone can get better soon so that way the soccer team can end their season strong!

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