New Courses at MCHS


Marcus Lester, News reporter

Here at Michigan City High School, there are a good amount of new courses for students to choose from. These courses include Advanced Placement Psychology, Advanced Placement Statistics and Information/Communication Careers. Teachers are very excited about taking on the challenge of teaching these classes and feel that the classes are running smoothly and effectively.

The new Advanced Placement Psychology class is designed to introduce the systematic and scientific study of behavior and mental processes. This class is taught by Mr. Stahl, and is now very popular at MCHS. Mr. Stahl says that he wants the class to be fun, but there’s so much that he still has to cover in order for his students to be prepared for the AP test.

The new class in the math department is Advanced Placement Statistics taught by Mrs. Schleter. Advanced Placement Statistics is a course that introduced students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. Unlike other math classes, Mrs. Schleter says that it’s mainly logic other than complex equations. She says she is very confident and will be able to prepare her students for the AP test. She feels that this course can be used in multiple fields and can benefit students in the long run.

Lastly, there is also a new course called Microsoft IT Academy Program taught by Ms. Stark. The academy is designed to equip students with real-world technology skills needed to thrive in the 21st century economy. MCHS joins more than 15,000 Microsoft IT Academies around the real world. Ms. Stark says, “Our membership in the Microsoft IT Academy program enables us to provide a road map to technology proficiency and industry-recognized Microsoft Certification credentials keeping pace with what today’s employers are looking for and sets our students up for future success.” She also includes, “Last year we had eight students obtain certification in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. This year looks like a bright future for our students enrolled in Information and Technology class.” Ms. Stark enjoys working with this course and has a great feeling about its future.

After heading off on a good start, MCHS knows these classes will continue to thrive.

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