Trophy Added to Laporte and City Rivalry


The Johnson Road Rivalry Trophy

Kristen Gushrowski, Sports Writer

This school year’s sports seasons have a new trophy to add to the Michigan City and Laporte rivalry.

The Johnson Road Rivalry trophy is for all sports, and whenever City and Laporte play head-to-head, a point is given to the winning team. At the end of the school year, the school with the most points keeps the trophy for a year.

The two schools kept score last year, but this is the first year there is an actual trophy.

“The week we play Laporte in football, a group of students will present the trophy to Laporte for winning last year,” said City athletic director Mr. Shaman.

Although Mr. Shaman is our current athletic director, the idea of the trophy goes back to when Bear Falls was alive. Bear and the Laporte athletic director wanted a way for City and Laporte to be friendly, respectful rivals.

“These two towns are connected to each other and always will be,” said Mr. Shaman. “While we have this rivalry on the field of competition, the two towns are very similar.”

Much like the IHSAA Championship trophies have a shape of Indiana at the top, the Johnson Road Rivalry trophy has a shape of Laporte County at the top with a line indicating Johnson Road in between Michigan City and Laporte.

“Everybody in both towns has a lot of mutual respect for each other,” said Mr. Shaman. “This trophy will be a lot of fun for both schools.”

The current standing for the trophy this year is City 1, Laporte 0, thanks to the City volleyball win. Every sport is looking forward to their matches, meets, and games against Laporte to try to bring the trophy back to City next year!

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