Michigan City streets get a little less confusing

Ryan Solano, Feature

Michigan City, no doubt, has its fair share of confusing, one-way roads. Enough to make navigating some parts of Michigan City down right difficult. But thankfully, the Board of Public Works and Safety along with the Redevelopment Commission have given the ‘a-ok’ to City Planner, Craig Phillips, to move along on a venture that should help change this. This project will result in Pine, Washington, and Ninth streets to be converted from one-way traffic to two-way traffic.

The effort is now accepting bids for the actual construction. Brad Minnick of Primera Engineers claims the bulk of the construction should be completed by late fall with some work still left in the spring. Minnick proposes that by waiting until spring to complete the project, they can track new traffic patterns and make the required adjustments.

The design will be based off of that  from the public workshop held recently. The only difference was proposed by board members, Steve Janus and Michael Palmer and it called for the turn lane to continue from Washington Street all the way to 11th Street. This initial proposal was dumped when another solution arose. To capture the same effect, a stop light will be installed. It will help alleviate dense Washington Street traffic.

When all is said and done, Washington Street will have one lane of traffic in either direction with a center-turn lane between Ninth and Second streets. Pine Street will also have one lane of traffic in either direction with a center-turn lane but will also include bike lanes going in either direction. The bike lanes will span from Second Street south to 11th Street. Ninth Street will have one lane traffic in either direction, no center-turn lane, and will extend westward to the Chicago Street intersection.

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