MLB playoff problems

Michael Hebb, Sports Editor

Just a month away from the Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs, the push for the postseason is upon us again. This season, however, some criticisms of the system the MLB has in place for the playoffs have arisen.

The major concern that has been brought up may have the root of its argument in the National League Central division. The top 3 teams in the National League are all in the NL Central, but not all three are necessarily going to be in the postseason. Instead, the first place team, the St. Louis Cardinals, will more likely than not make it into the playoffs as Division leaders. Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates, who are leading in the Wild Card at the moment, would have to face off in a one game series to get into the postseason.

While all three teams would have the opportunity to participate in October baseball, there are other teams in the National League with worse records that would make it into the playoffs automatically. Because of this, many fans and major baseball analysts want a change in the system.

The NBA, for example, just changed their playoff system from placing division leaders in the playoffs automatically. Instead, they will now only be placing the top eight teams in the whole conference in the playoffs. A change like this is what some baseball fans want, as only the truly best teams in the whole League would be able to play in the postseason.


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