Summer comes to a close

As the school year starts to kick back in, summer jobs begin to start winding down. There are several jobs that students have that are seasonal while other students opt for year round opportunities. Jobs such as ones involving warm weather and outdoors are slowly and sadly ending. The seasonal jobs at Washington Park have already come to a close. Such as their lifeguard program, Labor Day weekend was the very last weekend that patrons would be able to see the lifeguards. The lifeguards spent all summer there from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm every day of the week. That is not the only summer job that is shortly ending. All of the jobs working at a golf course will slowly come to an end as the colder weather brings the snow. Jobs are not the only thing coming to an end, so are all things summer.

The beach is always open but the colder  the weather the more and more people are trying to get their last beach days in. Soon warm beach days will all be but a distant memory and a hopeful future. Soon enough the colder weather will bring a huge pile of snow and cover the lake in a crystal like ice covering. First we have to make it through the last fleeting days of warmth and the slight cold. Until it finally reaches this point of sheer coldness. The seasons starting to change and drift to a completely different type of atmosphere does not bring only bad changes but good as well. The fall has plenty in store for MCHS students including football games and bonfires. Students can find plenty of things to do outside all year round. However it is always sad to say goodbye to the great memories of summer and start counting down the days until next summer.

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