Sports play vital role in high school students’ lives

Sean Callaghan, Sports Reporter

The main purpose of high school is to get an education. Every student goes every day to reach a goal. For some the goal is to go to college, and for others it is just to get through and graduate. Whether you plan to get a job as soon as you can after high school graduation or four years from then after graduation from college, the things you do and the type of student you are in high school define you and shape your future.

Sports is a major contributor to so many athlete’s personalities, work ethic, discipline, and so many more things that make up a person and who they are that it is foolish not play one.  If you go home right after school every day, sit around and sleep all day, then you are not helping yourself or anyone else to become who you could be if you practiced your sport and were on the school team. If you do not have a sport, then reach out to a guidance counselor or a coach and ask them what they think you should do. Being a player of a sport should be a priority to everyone, to help them realize their goals and their potential for learning new things and for giving yourself a better future.

Sports help you in so many instances throughout your lifetime. Playing a sport promotes a healthier lifestyle physically and mentally. Students who play sports are generally more active with school events and have better grades. Being on a team can give you more confidence, friends, a lot of fun, life lessons, general knowledge, etc. It is proven that students who play sports are more successful later on in life.

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