Sisters battle on the court

Jack Smith, Sports Reporter

One of the most successful sister duo’s in tennis history competed in a heavily anticipated match against each other Tuesday September 8, 2015 in the U.S. Open. The sisters are Venus Williams (the older of the two) and Serena Williams (the younger of the two).  In a hard fought match, Serena came out on top. Serena said in an interview, “the match is one night, but I will be her sister tomorrow, next week, next year.”

Serena took the match in three sets, with the score being 6-1, 1-6, and 6-3. Although Venus hates getting beaten, she still held her head high because she went against her own sister.

In order for Serena to get her Grand-Slam, she must play against Roberta Vinci next in the Semi-Finals. Serena has not played anyone in the top ten yet. Some ESPN analysts believe she has had an “easy” tournament.

Venus had a hard fought match as well. She just was not having as good of a night as Serena was. The two used to play doubles with each other, and they were unstoppable.

Even though Serena came away with the win, they were both completely professional and good sports. They will always be sisters and no match, no matter the importance, can come between that.

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