Intelligent Students With Creative Study Habits

Marcus Lester, News Reporter

Some people find studying difficult, some may not know how to study. Knowing certain studying habits makes it easier for students to learn and improves grades. Some of the top study habits include, establishing a study zone at home, preparing for test days, and knowing your dominant learning styles. Knowing these can be very beneficial to you when you’re trying to figure out ways to study.

At Michigan City High School, there are a variety of students who have different kinds of habits. These students all have very high GPA’s and are MCHS’s top students. The most important studying habit is making sure to actually take the time to study. These students make it their business to get the job done and stay on top of their school work.

Chantay Drake, a senior at MCHS, has an interesting study habit. She says, “First I take a nap and when I wake up I listen to some soothing music. Then I try to just focus on the assignment at hand.” She also says,” I try to read over the material for no more than two hours because if you are studying more than that, you’re cramming in the information.” Chantay is very hard working and says that she managed to keep her grades high by believing in herself and studying hard.

Another student with interesting study habits is Emily Knouse. Emily feels that it’s better to study with a group rather than alone. She says that she likes to have people around in case she has questions. Emily enjoys collaborating on material with others instead of trying to do everything by herself.

These students are perfect examples of why studying works. It is encouraged for students to keep a to-do list and prioritize their schedule.

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