Science is always fun

Suzanne Kaiser

As another year has started at Michigan City High School, so has another year of Science Club.

Throughout the year, Science Club performs various experiments. In years past they have done anything and everything from making golden pennies to flying kites to growing tomatoes. As fun as those things are, Science Club is not just about doing strange, fun experiments.

With that being said, the club is not just about exploring the wonders of science, it is about building friendships and learning how to work with others to achieve a common goal. These are both very important life lessons, and what better way to practice them than to meet every other Thursday in Mr. Marz’s classroom.

Such a magnificent club, Like Science Club, needs strong leaders behind it. The recently elected officers include:
President- Suzanne Kaiser
Vice President- Carlie Vittatoe
Secretary- Guendolyn Mark
Treasure- Albesa Schliephake
Lab Committee Chairman- Sarah Lynch.

Up to the challenge, this cabinet of all senior girls is determined to make this the best year of Science Club yet.

All students are encouraged to join the club. Because there are not any strict attendance policies, there is no excuse to not join. Missing a meeting is not that big of a deal, and not held against anyone.

If the students want fun, then they should come upstairs and check out Science Club. There is no better club than one that starts out with food and ends with developing memories.

Grab some safety goggles and come join Science Club!
(Safety goggles are actually included.)

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