Q and A with the 2015 Homecoming candidates

Sage Santana, News Reporter

1. What does being a Homecoming candidate mean to you?

Sydney Attar: It is an honor to be a part of the Homecoming court, and to be able to have this experience in high school.

Victoria Myhand: Being a Homecoming candidate is a great opportunity to express my love of City Singers, and to represent our amazing choral department.

Jaelyn Nowazke: To be a candidate for Homecoming shows that you do not have to be the most popular, or the prettiest. Being a Homecoming candidate just shows your hard work and your accomplishments over the past four years.

Ali Schliephake: It means a lot to me, even just to be chosen to be a candidate. Just knowing that I am around all these great girls, makes this opportunity much more special to me.


2. What are you looking forward to most this Homecoming?

Guendolen Mark: I am excited to dress up, to be in a parade, and to feel really elegant. I am also excited to see all the other girls dress up.

Ellisha Martin: I am looking forward to being in the parade. I just really like the excitement of it all.

Lizzie Quinlan: The thing I am excited about the most is just to have the opportunity to be in the Homecoming court.

Erica Zolvinski: Almost everyone on the court are good friends of mine, so I am looking forward to seeing everyone dress up and being there with my friends.


3. What would you consider to be the most important quality of a candidate? 

Thespina Dabagia: I think the most important quality of a candidate would be that the candidate has to be motivated. And if you look at the court this year, they are all very motivated, strong, and independent girls.

Bailey Holkan: I think the most important quality is to be kind. I think that is something that give you a good representation too, by just being a kind person.

Cecelia Latchford: A Homecoming candidate has to be a good student, one that is very involved in the school. They should be someone that you enjoy being around.

Abigail Marquiss: The most important quality of a Homecoming candidate is someone who is humble, they spread positivity, and who is involved in their academics just as much as they are involved in activities inside and outside of school.


What does being a Homecoming Queen mean to you? 

Jessica Harris: The club I represent, Poetry Club, has been able to help people come out of their shells over the past three years.  We want more people to do that. Being a Homecoming Queen would represent my club as a family.

Alex Ramos: A good Homecoming Queen should be friendly, kind, a leader, and a positive example for others.

Jysica Zacariaz: I feel like it is a stereotype that the prettiest or most popular girl is the queen, but to me it is whoever has a great personality.  It is someone who represents the school. Someone who is relatable, and who you can depend on. It is someone who you enjoy being around, someone who helps others, who is energetic and nice, and knows when to take things seriously. It is not just about looks. At the end of the day looks do not matter.


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