Nominees honored at the Football Hall of Fame

Jack Smith, Sports Reporter

The nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame are truly a different brand of athletes this year. This year’s nominees for the Hall of Fame that are most widely known are Brett Favre, and Terrell Owens.

Brett Favre was apart of the 1997 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Championship team and was a three-time league MVP . He is one of the most respected and renowned quarterbacks in all of football history. He retired in 2010 on the Minnesota Vikings. Brett is currently leading a very strong pole of potential nominees that would be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Brett Favre retired with 508 touchdown passes, 71,838 passing yards, and 186 victories. He spent his rookie season as a backup QB in Atlanta, then spent sixteen seasons with the Green Bay Packers, then after retiring once and coming back Favre spent one season with the New York Jets, and finally spent two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings. Brett Favre definitely has a great chance of getting into the Hall of Fame.

Terrell Owens was in the NFL for 15 seasons as a wide-receiver. He led the league in Touchdown receptions three times, was a five time Pro-Bowler, and ended his career with 153 touchdowns. He did not feel like quarterbacks would target him enough. Owens told NFL Network, “I still don’t, never realized it, never a dream of mine,” Owens said. “I never thought I would play beyond the collegiate level. Everything I did playing in the NFL, I look back and marvel at it. I am a very competitive person, once I get my mind on something, I go full-bore into it.” Owens is definitely a true contender for getting into the Hall of Fame.
Brett Favre and Terrell Owens are only two of so many others that have been nominated to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. This award is the most prestigious award in the NFL and only an elite group of men are inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

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