Students show school spirit through class shirts


Kyle Hurt

Juniors wore their class t-shirts at Class Olympics.

Kaitlyn Steinhiser, News Reporter

All class t-shirts have finally arrived and have been given to most of the students who ordered them.

Each year, each class’s steering committee designs a t-shirt that the students within that class can wear to show their support for the class that they are in. The classes go through the same designing process each year. First, each class chooses a class color. All colors are deemed acceptable, except, traditionally, seniors take black. Then, each class chooses a design for their shirt. This is usually done through a voting process.

Although the students are free to pick whatever slogan or design that they want to, most usually choose one that ties in to their theme for Spirit Week. For example, this year, the junior class t-shirts are green and have “Welcome to the jungle,” and a silhouette of some wild animals on the front. The overall theme of the shirt is “jungle.” So, they have decided to coordinate that with their float, banner, and hallway for Winterfest next semester.

Another class that did the same thing was the senior class. The theme for their shirt, float, banner, and hallway will be “Just Kinda Do It.” The freshman class is also using their “Straight Outta Compton” theme for their shirts and banner this year.

Although all of the other classes seemed to use a unifying theme for their shirts, float, banner, and hallway, the sophomore class decided to change things up by using different themes for each of their spirit week activities. For example, their t-shirts are baseball jerseys, and their banner is super hero themed.

Each class’s shirts were made available before homecoming so that all students who bought one are able to participate in “Class Color Day” for Spirit Week this year.


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