MCAS will receive 3.4 million dollars

Ryan Solano, Feature

As of Monday, September 14, the Redevelopment Commission has collected 3.4 million dollars. This money will go towards all Michigan City Area Schools and will serve as an upgrade to the schools’ technology. $1 million will go towards the current 2015-16 school year. The remaining $2.4 million will be broken up into $600,000 segments and put into the following school years.

The money will be spent on advances in technology similar to that of La Porte, Westville, and New Prairie schools. The school system hopes for each student to receive their own internet-capable device and to equip classrooms with better equipment. They also plan to instruct teachers on how to use the newly added tech efficiently. Because why have the technology if no one knows how to use it. Along with providing students with the best learning experience, it is hoped that better technology will increase outsiders’ perspective of Michigan City and its school system.

This is no doubt a well received addition that has been needed for a long time. We as students can only hope to receive the same learning opportunities that our partnering schools have had for quite some time.

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