College Go Week comes to MCHS

Sage Santana, News Reporter

It is College Go Week once again at Michigan City High School, and students and counselors are ready to jump into a week of making sure students are on track to graduate, and ready to attend a college of their choice.  The main goal of this week is for students to evaluate their college readiness, encourage students to learn more about different schools, and to make necessary preparations for college. Here at MCHS, various activities are going on in support of College Go Week.  Among these include a school-wide raffle based on facts about Indiana colleges, informational posters about different colleges, and inviting admissions counselors from various Indiana-based schools to visit and answer students’ questions during lunch hours. This is the perfect time for juniors and seniors to explore their college options, and for underclassmen to being thinking about if they are on the right track to graduate.  More than just finding a good school to attend, upperclassmen are encouraged to make preparations for attending college. For instance, now is the perfect time for students to being applying for colleges, sending their transcripts, and signing up or preparing to take exams such as the ACT and SAT. The importance of this week to to get students to begin considering their options for after high school graduation, including attending college.  Additionally, this is a time to begin preparations for applying to college.  Now is the time for seniors to begin filling out applications, sending transcripts, and setting up college visit days.  Although students may have been bust with going back to school, College Go Week is the perfect time for students to think about their future, and prepare for making the next step after college.

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