MLB Playoff possibilites

Michael Hebb, Sports Editor

With the Major League Baseball (MLB) season coming to an end, the push for the playoffs has become increasingly tense for many teams that are on the brink of making the playoffs.

Though the wild card for the National League is basically wrapped up (the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates are many games ahead of all other teams), the division races are still alive. The St. Louis Cardinals have been arguably the best team in baseball the whole year, but they have taken a slight dive lately, putting their division crown at stake. The Pirates and Cubs are both stalking the Cardinals for the top spot in the NL Central for the sole purpose of not having to play the Wild Card game to get into the playoffs.

The AL West has been perhaps the most exciting race as of late. The Houston Astros and Texas Rangers are both fighting for the division crown, but the Rangers have a three and a half game advantage over the Astros. In their latest series against each other, Texas swept Houston, padding their lead in the West even more. However, there is still a possibility that they will meet each other in the playoffs, as the Astros would still have the chance to make it as a Wild Card.

The New York Yankees are in a similar position with Houston, as they are three and a half games behind the Toronto Blue Jays. Also, chances are they will make the Wild Card, so Houston and New York have a high chance of meeting their division rivals sometime in the playoffs.

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