Texas High School football player brutally hits referee

Drew Hanft, Sports Reporter

Two football players from a high school in San Antonio, Texas are currently suspended from the team and the school after brutally blindsided a referee.

According to reports from the two players and a report released by John Jay High School, assistant coach Mack Breed instructed sophomore Victor Rojas and 17-year-old senior Michael Moreno to hit the ref.  Official Robert Watts was allegedly accused of using racial slurs and making unjustified calls throughout the course of the football game by JJHS players and coach Breed.

According to a source and accounts provided to ESPN of four John Jay players, Watts used the N-word twice during the game, once before and once after the brutal hit.  Many agreed that the game seemed to be going in favor of the home team.  The home school in Marble Falls, Texas is a predominantly white school while John Jay’s enrollment is made up of minorities including blacks and Hispanics specifically on the football team.

According to Watt’s attorney Alan Goldberger, Watts denies making any racist remarks during the game.  Assistant coach Mack Breed admitted to the school principal that he ordered his players to violently strike the official.

Breed accordingly felt that Watts deserved to pay for his alleged racial remarks and unfair calls. Breed has resigned from the school and the two players are currently assigned to different schools and are banned from being spectators to the John Jay football team but are eligible to return back to JJHS for the second semester. The incident is still under investigation.

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