Corn dog Controversy

Sarah Smith

Today at lunch I was enjoying my very nutritious, greasy corn dogs when I turn to one of my friends. He was yelling about how when he looked down at his corn dogs he found a nice looking piece of hair. This made me wonder what  happens in our lunch rooms and the preparation with our school lunches.

This is not the first time that the school lunches have been less than appetizing and have contained food that is not up to par. Last year I bought a salad, which is one of the safer options on the menu. However this was not the case considering there was moldy chicken atop my salad. I mean who does not enjoy some mold along with their leafy greens, healthy right? The lunch ladies were very nice however when it came to getting me a replacement salad when asked about the mold. But should this even be happening what if I had not inspected my salad before eating it or my friend did not look down at his corn dogs before he started to eat them? What would have happened then?

The lunch ladies do work hard however to prepare food for all of the students but is the school system, providing them with adequate options or ideas to fill students bellies? These questions need to be answered and we need to as a school work harder to actually provide an adequate lunch for students. One that is healthy that goes along with Michelle Obama’s healthy food guidelines but yet not one that is bland or disgusting. We need to work together as a school and a community to spend more time making sure we feed students a balanced meal because you never know how many they are actually getting.

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