D-Rose suffers yet another injury

Michael Hebb, Sports Editor

In only their first day of practice, the Chicago Bulls may have lost their star player due to injury yet again. Derrick Rose, who claimed superstar status after his 2010-2011 MVP season, has since been sitting on the bench not due to skill, but because of a long string of injuries, and it looks like he will be sitting there for just a bit longer.

During practice on Tuesday, Rose was running down the baseline when a teammate elbowed him in the face. He suffered a left orbital fracture, and knowing Rose’s history with injuries, this must not have been an easy sight for teammates and coaches to watch, or for fans to hear about later.

However, the injury was not in his legs, which have carried the burden on injuries for Rose. Also, this was a purely coincidental injury, as there was really no way for Rose to have seen the elbow coming. With that in mind, it is difficult to say whether or not this injury will have lingering effects on Rose’s ability to play at a high level, just as other injuries have seemed to do to him.

Surgery was successfully performed Wednesday, and Rose will be able to get back to basketball activities in two weeks. Though he will be back to practice, it is not known if he will be there for the Bulls on opening night. Most players who suffer injuries to their face must wear clear masks upon return to the court, and many find it difficult to play with. Hopefully, Rose will be back on the court for Chicago’s first game, and will only require a mask for a limited time, as many fans’ hopes are on his shoulders.


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