Brawl in the dugout

Jack Smith, Sports Reporter

A fight occurred in the Washington Nationals dugout Sunday the 27th between Bryce Harper and Jonathan Papelbon. As Bryce Harper was walking back to the dugout a conflict started between  Papelbon and Bryce Harper erupted. When Bryce reached the dugout Papelbon put his hands around Bryce’s neck and the fight was on.

Papelbon is being suspended for four games. This kicked in Thursday October 1. Papelbon’s job security is not for sure on the Washington Nationals. He was previously already suspended for throwing a high inside pitch at Baltimore Orioles 3rd Baseman Manny Machado. Papelbon was lucky that the suspension was lifted. Between these two instances the Nationals do not know if they want to keep him or not.

The unfortunate part for Papelbon is that he just bought a house and now he may have to leave to go to another team or place. It is not even for sure if he does leave that he will be picked up by some other team. It is all because of what happened this season with the two instances. He has only been on the team for two months.

Even after the fight the Nationals put Papelbon back on the mound for the ninth inning. He did not perform very well and so he was replaced after giving up five runs and a game crashing blow. Players around the league found this very odd that he came back after fighting Bryce Harper.

Papelbon was not able to travel with the team during his suspension. On the downside the Nationals did not make the playoffs, so they will have to figure this out in the offseason. Bryce Harper is still a front-runner in the MVP race. They have a ways to go to be ready for next season.

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