Happy birthday Barker Mansion

Happy birthday Barker Mansion

Ryan Solano, Feature Reporter

Our very own Barker Mansion is nearing their 40th anniversary of admittance to the National Register of Historic Places. The National Register is, more or less, a list of locations that are significant to their community’s history. The Barker Mansion was inducted into this list as of October 10, 1975. It was added due to its “architecture and statement about American life.” Barker Mansion is a 38 room manor built between 1900 and 1905 for industrialist John H. Barker. It is no longer a home but instead a museum.

To celebrate this monumental event, families are invited to play games relevant to the time period from when the mansion was built. These games include jacks, pick-up sticks, musical chairs, and four square. Other festivities include making paper hats, decorating treat bags with old-timey candy, and enjoying cupcakes.

The celebration will take place Saturday, October 10, from 1-4 pm in the Barker Mansion’s Garden. If it ends up raining that afternoon, all activities will be moved inside. The cost of admittance will be $2 per person. They are also looking for volunteers.

The occasion will not only be entertaining, but will provide a great chance to explore the building’s grand history. For example, how the creator of the building, John Barker Sr., came all the way from Andover, Massachusetts in 1836 looking for new business opportunities. You may also learn how his freight car company led to the increase in prosperity and notoriety of Michigan City.

So come on out and support our thriving local history. Everyone is welcome to come learn and discover.

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