MCHS students attend Human Trafficking Conference

Sage Santana, News Reporter

On Thursday, October 1, 31 students, ranging from freshmen to seniors, and four counselors from Michigan City High School attended a citywide Human Trafficking Conference at what was previously Elston Middle School. The conference was in place primarily to qualify what Human Trafficking is, how it affects victims nationwide, as well as communities locally.  Students began their day with a light brunch at Elston, which led to their own youth session separate from the rest of the conference. The keynote speaker was an officer from Michigan City Police Department, who spoke to the students about the methods that teenagers are susceptible to by sex-trafficking predictors. During the remainder session, Dr. Sandra Demos-Kelly, a certified psychologist from Chicago, led the students in a discussion and breakout session concerning teenagers’ well-being and safety. After the breakout, students regrouped and discussed the topic as a whole. Finally, Michigan City High School students had the opportunity of appearing onstage in front of the whole conference, to discuss their session, and answer any questions concerning the reality of human trafficking in teens’ daily life, and how some students dealt with staying safe from human trafficking in their own lives. Students took well to the message of the conference. Senior Victoria Myhand says that the conference was “an amazing opportunity to get an insight about such serious issues.” At the end of the day, Michigan City High School students left the conference more aware of what human trafficking is, and not only how to combat it, but how to keep themselves, and their friends and family, safe. 

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