French Club Gets Sweeter

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reorter

French club has started and so has the fundraising. Every year the MCHS French Club sells chocolate. Last year Fannie May was sold and this year it is World’s Finest.

World’s Finest Chocolate has five different kinds of chocolate bars: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, almond, W.F. crisp, and caramel. Each candy bar is a dollar and students can purchase them at any time throughout the school day.

Each member of the club has been given a box to sell and when it is gone, they may get another box. Some students sell more than what is required of them. Junior, Emma Zaknoun, is a prime example of this. Last year she sold multiple boxes of her own and then helped other students in the club sell the rest of theirs as well.

“My favorite part about selling chocolate is that I can buy some for myself anytime I want,” Zaknoun laughed, “but really I just like that it helps out the club.”

The money made from selling the chocolate goes towards their t-shirts for the year and any field trips they take. This year they hope to go to the Alliance Française in Chicago.

If you are interested in being a part of French club talk to Madame Togbe in the end building and watch out for students selling chocolate. It sells out fast so get it before it is all sold out.

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