MCHS Boys Tennis Didn’t Go Down Without a Fight


Marcus Lester, News Reporter

The Michigan City Boys Tennis Team played a tough, “tit-for-tat” match on Wednesday, September 30th. The line-up was as follows; Aaron Schwark at number one singles, Devon Stromer at number two singles, Mohammed Hakim at number three singles, Caleb Raymer and Tyler Westman at number one doubles, and Kyle Hurt and Tommy Komay at number two doubles. Every match was interesting to watch and each of the players made their opponents work for their win.

Michigan City High School tennis team was against New Prairie in the first round. They faced a devastating two to three loss. Boys tennis coach, Mike Tsugawa, had an interview after the match stating that he should be upset at the fact that the team lost but was not. Coach Tsugawa says that each player played their best and that they just fell short. Coach Tsugawa says, “If we play them tomorrow, we win three-two.” Meaning that the day that they lost was just ‘one of those matches’ and no one can win them all.

Although all the singles teams fell short, both doubles teams came off with a win. Caleb Raymer and Tyler Westman beat New Prairie 6-2 6-1, then Kyle Hurt and Tommy Komay won 6-2, lost the second set 6-7 and won the final set 6-3. The other scores were Aaron Schwark 1-6 0-6, Devon Stromer  6-7,6-4, 2-6 and Mohammed Hakim 6-2, 6-4, 2-6. Though multiple matches were lost, all players did their very best and finished the season strong and are very excited to continue to strive to be better.

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