Let’s Read:Banned Book Week

Sarah Smith , Feature

Anybody who wants to, can challenge a book to try and get it banned from libraries or even their school curriculum. That is exactly how banned book week has come about.
Banned book week this year will take place between September 27 and October 3. Banned book week was started in 1982 to create awareness for so many books being challenged and eventually being banned.
Libraries, school systems, and bookstores will all throw events throughout the week to promote the usage of banned books.
Inorder to become a banned book, a book must first go through a process of being chanllenged. Any book can be challenged by anybody.
The American Library Association defined a challenged book as “an attempt to remove or restrict materials, based upon the objections of a person or group.
A parent, teacher, librarian, or even a kid could suggest to ban a book.
To get a book banned a person must send a challenge into the American Library Association, which then will be reviewed and debated upon.
The top ten reasons that books are challenged and eventually possibly are banned is because of, racial themes, alternative lifestyles, profanity, sex, violence, negativity, witchcraft, unpopular religious views, unpopular political views, and any theme judged unsuitable for a particular age group. Children and youth books seem to be the books who are challenged the most, due to parents and teachers believing that the content is not appropriate for their children.
Librarians alone do not have the authority to pull a book off of the shelves but are required to just urge parents to monitor a childs reading activities.
To celebrate banned book week everyone should pick up a book and celebrate your freedom to read.

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