Soccer Sectionals

Sarah Smith , Feature

Like every high school MCHS has their rival schools, which includes the Laporte Slicers. Both the girls and boys soccer teams picked Laporte as their first round sectionals teams. The thing that makes it even more interesting however is that the two teams are playing at the exact same time at two fields that are located right next to one another. Soccer fans get the best of both worlds watching two rival schools compete in  fast pace games where they can watch two games at once.

Both the girls and boys MCHS teams lost to Laporte in their regular season. The girls lost in a close match in a last ditch effort comeback on their annual teacher night. The score of the girls game was 3-4 and the boys put up an equally close game with a final score of 0-2.

The MCHS soccer teams have both had good seasons with tough competition where they have excelled. But this sectional game will be the culmination of the season for both teams. Soccer sectionals consists of two rounds the first round against Laporte and the final round against the winners of South Bend Marrion and South Bend St. Joseph.

This game will tell if either team will have a continuation of their season or if they will be finished after the game Wednesday. There is a fan bus that is being taken to the game so other students can go and cheer on their classmates. Everyone who can should go cheer on the two teams and help them beat Laporte.

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