Art department brightens up MCHS


Sarah Smith , Feature

There have been lots of questions going around the school regarding the purple wall that seemed to almost appear when students returned to school on Monday. Well this wall has a special purpose and was not just painted for no particular reason. The art department is bringing some beauty to the different areas of the school. Not just with the purple wall but with all different walls around the school.

To start off with the purple wall the art department has decided to create a mural. This is just one of many that is currently in progress. Besides the purple wall if students look around they will see the MCHS logo on several different walls. Students have been taking on the job of taking a projector and tracing the logo onto the wall. They then paint the logo and the MC is complete.

These two projects are not the only thing the art department is doing to liven up the high school. Students are creating their own ceiling tiles to be put on the ceiling. Students have been allowed to use their imagination and draw whatever they would like to with in reason. This project is not new however this has been going on for a couple of years now and past students artwork can still be seen on the ceiling.

The art department is doing a great job to brighten up the halls of MCHS. The teachers have been aspiring students to think outside of the box and create something that is truly theirs. By displaying this artwork we are showing other students and other members of our community the wonderful creativity we have at MCHS.

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