High School overview

Sarah Smith , feature

High School is an interesting time in a person’s life. It is a time when a student is starting to become an adult but at the same time they are still a kid. Students go through a lot throughout their four years and when you think about it four years is a long time in a person’s life. This time is spent making friends, losing friends, becoming a responsible young adult, while still making mistakes, and learning to deal with those mistakes.

High school can be a lot of fun especially when you are first experiencing the freedoms of a young adult like getting your license. But at the same time high school is not all flowers and daisies it is actually a lot of work. Students go through a wide expanse of experiences. Freshman year everything is new and exciting a new school, new friends, and new opportunities. The workload is not too grueling and can definitely can be dealt with. Sophomore year is just a little bit tougher, the classes involve a little bit more work but still can be managed.

Junior year is when everything seems to explode and be the biggest change a student will experience throughout high school. Or at least that is what some juniors think until they reach senior year. Junior year is full of a bunch of firsts, a lot of students get their licenses which brings a new sense of freedom. The classes become ten times harder than anything a student has ever experienced and worse than anything standardized tests seem to become the biggest topic of discussion. Conversations regarding standardized tests generally bring about conversations regarding life decisions. This seems to be the turning point in everyone’s life when their GPA’s matter and they need to start thinking about the next step in life.

High school is just a mere four years of a person’s life but teens change so much throughout those four years it is crazy. These four years go by in a flash, of course their are those days where it seems that it could not end soon enough. But when it all ends people will be wishing to go back and have these four years all over again. So enjoy each minute you have because before you can blink it will be over.

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