Freshmen elect class officers

Lizzie Quinlan and Elizabeth Quinlan

It is the beginning of another year here at MCHS, which means that a fresh group of students have joined the wolf pack.

The freshman class of 2019 recently held their class elections. Unlike all three of the other classes, who have more time to prepare for and campaign for their elections, the freshman class only has less than one week to get ready for their own elections.

There are four different types of offices hat students can run for, including president, vice president, secretary, and three class representatives.

To be eligible to run for a class office, there are many requirements that a student must meet.

The requirements include: maintaining a 2.5 grade point average, being in good standing with MCHS, attending 50 percent of the class steering committee meetings and events, receiving signatures from each of the class sponsors, and getting 75 signatures from students in their class, without any duplicates.

Although there are many students that run for each position every year, only a few can earn a spot of being a class officer. This year, Alexis Woods, and Dayilynn Briggs were announced as the president and vice president of the class of 2019, Alyssa Mannaioni was announced as secretary, and Destiny Taylor, Daelyn Watson, and Sydney Starks were chosen to be the three class representatives.

According to Alexis Woods, while she is in office, she wants to make sure that all students do well in school and have fun as well, but also to make most, if not all of them think of this school year to be their best.

Woods stated, “I ran for class president because I felt with the right mindset, I could do a good job while in office. I wanted to be involved mentally and physically, and what is a better way to do that then to become the freshman class president.”

While she is in office as secretary, Alyssa Mannaioni said, “I would like to see a lot more class activities. I think it would be great to do fundraisers to help the school, especially if we are going to be here for four years”.

Vice president Dayilynn Briggs stated, “I ran for vice president because I wanted to be involved in the school. There is no better way to be involved than to be vice president. I have many ideas and I cannot wait to share them and make them happen. Another reason I ran is because I want all of the freshmen to be college and career ready”.

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