Suzanne Kaiser

Almost everyone at MCHS has read, seen, or at least heard of, the Cityzen newspaper.The newspaper is primarily paper based. What most people do not know however, is that the Cityzen is also online.
In years past, the online version of the Cityzen has not been used actively. However, this year is different.
Every Friday, the members on staff post a new story online. The stories can range from topics entertaining or informative.
For example, one reporter wrote about the Syrian refugees and another wrote about Science Club activites.
The staff is doing their best to keep up on topics at the high school and around the world. Because the Cityzen staff is doing this, it should help the public become more aware of the online version. It is not just the public that is unaware, though. It is also the students.
Senior Noah VanGemeren had never heard of the online version of the Cityzen. Because he had never seen it before,
VanGemeren suggested that the newspaper should do things that would help other students become aware. The main thing that he suggested was that the newspaper should establish independent social media accounts. Social media can help acquaint people with things, such as the paper.
When VanGemeren was shown the Cityzen website, he was rather impressed. He especially took a liking to the Student Life section. VanGemeren said, “I really like the Student Life section because I like to see all of the positive things that MCHS has to offer.”
Other sections include makes me more interested about what other students are involved in. It also shows what is going on around the school.”
Underclassmen and upperclassmen alike, people are aware of the online Cityzen. Because so many people are not aware of the online version of it, some students offered suggestions to help make it popular.
The idea that most students suggested help to popularize the online Cityzen was to use social media more actively.
The Cityzen is a student based school newspaper, and because this is the case, social media accounts are not exactly the easiest solution.
One student said that she believes one way that people are going to become more aware of the online paper is if it is updated more frequently.
As previously stated, the staff has taken the initiative to produce stories more oftenly and put them out every Friday. Students are then encouraged to go online to the Cityzen and read any and all of the stories.
If the student body takes the time to go through and read the stories, the odds are that they will find at least one that they like.
Once a student finds a story that they like, they are encouraged to share through any social media application. Some frequently used applications by the students would include: Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Because these are popular apps, if students share the Cityzen’s stories to them, more people will become aware.
The newsroom has limited space, so there is also a limited amount of people on staff. A small staff means that they can only put their name out there so much.
In order to get both paper and online version of the Cityzen published, the students and public need to assist them. Again, the easiest way to help out the Cityzen is to just go online. Students, wheither they are upper or lower classmen, almost always suggested that the paper should use social media more often. It is not that easy, however.
The Cityzen staff is keeping up with the online newspaper this year. By doing so, hopefully this will attract more readers. For now, the staff is relying on the student, population to help make the Cityzen more popular.
The students on staff constantly work hard to make sure that every month there is a printed version of the Cityzen.
In addition, every week, the staff works just as hard to ensure that there will be newstories online.
Mrs. Chastain, the supervisor of the Cityzen for almost four years now, has done everything in her power to help get the Cityzen’s name out there.
Most recently, Chastain looked into possibly getting an application for the Cityzen. Principal McCollum has just approved this idea.
The Cityzen is officially going modern and is in the process of getting an application.Getting an app will make it easier for the people to see what is going on around the school, city, county, and the world.
Until the application is officially purchased, the Cityzen still asks the students of MCHS to help get their name out there, and help make it more well known.
Cityzen includes News, Sports, Opinions, Student Life, Arts and Entertainment, and Cityfaces.

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