One more to go

As the weekend approaches, so does the end of another season of marching band.

The Michigan City High School Wolfpack Marching Band is coming up on the end of their 2015-2015 year.

On Saturday October 10th, the band will travel to Highland, Indiana to compete at Highland High School Marching Band competition. This will be the final competition that the band will participate in this year.

The Wolfpack band has received gold all season, meaning that this competition will be the determining factor of if the band has an all gold season, or all gold with a dash of silver. Last year, the marching band received all gold awards except for the competition at Highland. In 2014, the band earned silver.

This coming Thursday is the marching band’s final practice. Although it is the last practice, they will continue to work just as hard, if not harder. The band wants gold.

The whole school wished the band luck as they prepare to take the field in Highland.

Good luck Wolfpack!!

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