High school students are lacking sleep

Lizzie Quinlan, Elizabeth Quinlan, and

One common phrase stated by high school students all throughout the school years is that they didn’t get enough sleep. Over the last few years, studies have shown that high school students have been getting less and less sleep each night.

Students not being able to get enough sleep during the night can cause and does have many factors that contribute to not doing as well as they can in and out of school. Lack of sleep can cause moodiness, troubles focusing on tasks in and out of the classroom, and can limit ones ability to learn, listen, and concentrate.  Teenagers are supposed to receive eight to ten hours of sleep per night. Studies have shown back in 2010, that on average, teenagers only receive about five to six hours of sleep per night.

Typical reasons that high school students tend to lack hours of sleep is because many of them are involved in sports, clubs, volunteer work, and other activities on top of their homework and regular school day. Due to the lack of sleep and lack of time needed, some students fall asleep during their classes, or often time arrive to class late because of the small amount of sleep they were only able get over the night.

In addition to lack of time, another reason teenagers don’t get enough sleep is because of the increased use of electronics over the years. As one uses a cell phone or tablet before, or while they are in bed, the light emitted starts a trigger in a persons brain and causes it to increase its activity.

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