Eminem Responds To 10 Year Old Fan With Prosthetic Legs

Jordin Agemy, Feature Reporter

Eminem’s music has inspired many people. In particular, his music has helped inspire ten year old Teejay Stainer from England. Teejay has several prosthetic legs. What makes them special is that he customized each one with images of Eminem. Teejay’s parents took a picture of him (shown above) and put it on Facebook in order to attract the attention of Eminem.

The note says “My name is Teejay Stainer from Andover, England. I wear a prosthetic leg. These are my Eminem legs I have made. My wish is for Eminem to see them. Thank you.” Eminem did notice the picture and note and sent him a gift. The gift was a copy of his 2010 studio album release “Recovery.” On the album cover, Eminem wrote, “To Teejay, I saw your pic and read your message! Thanks for the support!”

Teejay says he was “amazed” to receive a personalized package from his favorite rapper. Teejay says he thinks Eminem, “sent me that album in particular because of the recovery that I’ve made.”

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