Successful Test Taking Tips


Marcus Lester, News Reporter

One way for students to be successful when taking standardized tests, such as the SAT, students need to know some general test taking tips. Learning and mastering these tips will make students more prepared for these tests and improve their scores. These three basic tips include: answering questions that you know first, going back to questions you might not have understood, and simply managing your time.

The first successful tip is answering known questions first. When students answer questions that they know first, it gives them a better chance of getting the ones that they were not so sure about correct. It also gives them more time to work on things that may take more time to think about. If students spend too much time on one question they will not have enough time to answer specific questions.

A second tip would be to going back to questions that seem difficult. Most of the time, students tend to freak out if they do not understand a question. But, just because students do not know the answer right away does not mean they have to stress about it. This is one of the most effective tips because if the answer does not come right away, it can come at another look at the question.

Finally, students need to learn to manage their time. Managing time is key to answering questions effectively without rushing through to answer questions. Students should be aware of where they are on time in certain questions, so they know when they need to be done.

These tips will make students much more successful when taking standardized tests. Following these tips will raise scores and are great strategies to practice. With practice, a lot more students will become much better test takers.

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