MCHS gains a new addition

Ryan Solano, Feature

MCHS welcomes a new addition this week. As of yesterday, a newly integrated sensory room has been unveiled for the use of the special education program. The room will act as a cool-down room and will facilitate the therapeutic alliance.

The project’s leader, Guendolen Mark, took on this project when approached by MCHS teacher, Mr. Gee. Her team, FIRST Robotics Team 3936 (also known as Robo Blitz), has been working since last school year and it is estimated that they have spent roughly 83 hours on the project.

The sensory room is equipped with lots of different items all meant to help aid recovery. The room is equipped with a ball pit and a cool water lamp that changes colors. There is also a really neat projector that projects colorful light on the floor. Covering the walls of the sensory room is Guedolen’s favorite element of the room. It is a mural of the stars and moon hand painted by the Robotics Team. Guendolen says, “I think it’s one of the most calming parts of the room.” What is really amazing is that the mural is actually an accurate representation of star alignment.

The special education program is extremely grateful for all of the work the Robotics Team has put into their new space. To show their gratitude, they created a ‘Thank You’ poster to give to the team.

For all of her hard work and contribution to her community, the Girl Scout Association will be honoring her with a Gold Award. This award is very prestigious and is only given to high school students that have really made a difference. Colleges and future employers will look at Guendolen higher with this award on her resume.

Guendolen would like to thank Robo Blitz for their hard work and dedication. She also thanks the project’s sponsors Arcelor Mittal, Michigan City Community Enrichment Corporation, and Michigan City Area Schools. A special thanks goes out to the project’s main mentor, Jeff Partynski. This task could never have been achieved without the help that was provided.

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