Burger King’s Halloween Whopper doesn’t stay black for long

Kaitlyn Steinhiser, News Reporter

To commemorate the Halloween season, on September 28, Burger King released a new Halloween Whopper in the US that is, essentially, a regular Whopper with an A.1.-infused, black bun that turns its eater’s fecal matter green.

The United States isn’t the first country to experience this black burger; it actually originated in Japan. The “Kuro Burger” is a regular cheeseburger with a black bun, black cheese, and black sauce. Believe it or not, this burger is actually quite popular in Japan due to its oddity and its deliciousness. With Halloween on the way, Burger King ultimately decided to bring the burger to the USA.

The Halloween Whopper has been promoted on several social media platforms including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Tumblr.  These strategically-placed advertisements have lured several people into Burger Kings across the nation to try the burger.

One of these people was Nick O’Malley. O’Malley said that, “Other than the black coloring, there are really only two things that differentiate this for a normal Whopper: 1) the quarter-barrel of A.1. they decided was a good amount of steak sauce to put on a burger and 2) the bun being infused with A.1. — supposedly.” So, most of the A.1. taste comes from the actual sauce put on the burger, not the bun itself.

The burger also has some odd side effects; it has the tendency to turn the consumer’s fecal matter green. The aspect of the burger that causes this is the dye used to turn the bun completely black. According to naturopathic doctor, Pamela Reilly, Burger King probably used a more concentrated version of the dye used in A.1. sauce.

Anyone interested in trying the burger can stop by their local Burger King and buy one for $4.99.


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