Bag Checks

Sarah Smith , Feature

Before entering school this morning students had to get all of their bags checked. Local police officers and faculty stood at the front doors and had tables set up for searches. Since there are about 2,000 students that go to this school you can say it took awhile. Students could be found standing outside from anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. After finally getting into the building students were not finished waiting there, they stood inside of the main entrance hall for even longer. After waiting in the lines students would step up to a table and either a police officer or faculty member would search your bag. It did not take too long and after their bag was quickly checked students were allowed to leave to go to their classrooms. The students acted respectful throughout the whole process and their were no incidents that happened along with the bag checks.

The bag checks did take up some precious class time however and made students late to first hour. Some students did not get to their first hour until about twenty minutes after the bell. This then caused some classes to not be able to get their full lecture or even class work accomplished in the shortened hour.

There has been some speculation due to why there were bag checks since there has not been one in so long. There were rumors going around that they were just searching for drugs, that there had been a school threat, or it was just due to precautions because of all of the school shootings that have taken place lately. The real purpose behind the bag checks is unclear at this time but will be updated later.

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