Sophomores take PSAT

Amira Novitzke , Reporter

Located in the gym yesterday, sophomores took their first PSAT test to prepare them for the SAT. The test consisted of Geometry, Pre-calculus, English, and Writing. They spent sixty minutes on the first portion of the test, then thirty-five on the second portion, twenty-five for the third portion, and forty-five for the final section.

Many sophomores said the test was one of the hardest tests they have ever taken before and they hope it will prepare them for the SAT. Also many think they need to get practice books so it will better prepare them for things that will be on the next one so they have a better chance of getting a better score.

Some sophomores did not know you could bring a calculator for the math portions of the test and they said that is what hurt them the most. They said next time they will make sure to bring one because it would have been very beneficial to them.

The PSAT was a good way to get underclassmen a chance to figure out what the SAT will be like and helps them better understand just how important the test is. It also allows them to study party that they were weak on and it encourages them to do better next time!


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