HELP! I need some money…for college

Sage Santana, News Reporter

When it comes to attending college, one of the many fears of recent high school graduates is the collection of enormous amounts of debt in loans.  However, there is one way to shrink the mountains of debt into a smaller amount.  Along with receiving scholarships and financial aid packages from their schools of choice, students in high school have another option they can choose to help this process; independent scholarships.  Independent scholarships can pay range from $100 to a full ride scholarship, and they can be renewed annually or rewarded for all four years of undergraduate schooling.  Although some of the scholarships may be small, if enough are received, they add up quickly. The trouble with independent scholarships, typically, comes with finding them on one’s own.  However, here at MCHS, counselors are particularly helpful in aiding students in finding a way to pay for college. The best place to check for scholarships happens to be on the MCHS homepage, in which a link entitled “Need cash for college?” can take students to a whole page full of current scholarships open for applications. Counselors update the page regularly, and make them available to all students.  Scholarships in the past that have been included are of a wide variety, ensuring that there is a scholarship for everyone.  Among these scholarships include The Urban League of Northwest Indiana, First Site Scholarship, and many more.  Seniors who are perspective college freshmen are encouraged to check this page regularly for new scholarships that they can apply for.  Finding money for college can be hard, however, the resources are out there for students, all they have to do, is utilize them.

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