MCHS Presents: Fall Premiere Choral and Band Concert


Marcus Lester, News Reporter

The MCHS choral and band department started the year off with a bang. On October 15,2015 all students involved in the band and choral department performed at their best and showcased the hard work that they’ve done the first grading period. Choral director, Michelle Howisen, was responsible for beginning girls and boys chorus, intermediate, concert choir, treble choral, and city singers. Mrs.Howisen said, “I am very proud of all my students, they’ve worked very hard and it definitely showed during the performance!” Mrs. Howisen has been teaching at Michigan City High School for three years and has done an outstanding job with not only helping the students become good singers, but she has also done a great job with educating the students.

The new band teacher, Richard Merrick, was also very pleased with his band groups. He talked about how it was such an honor to take the thing position of former band teacher Mr. Ford. Mr. Merrick says, “I had Mr. Ford as teacher 25 years ago, and I never thought that I would be in his shoes one day. I am so happy to be working with these students and I feel like this is my home.” Mr. Merrick is the director for beginning band, symphonic band and marching band.

Both teachers were very pleased at how their students performed. They conducted themselves as responsible young men and women and represented the music department in an awesome manner. The concert had a great turn out with about 500 people in the auditorium. They hope to continue the hard work throughout the rest of the year.

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