Deadly hugs

Ryan Solano, Feature

Are hugs detrimental to one’s health? Most would disagree, but not Bridgeport, Connecticut’s resident, Jennifer Connell.

In 2011, while Connell was attending her nephew’s birthday party, her nephew excitedly ran to Connell to give her a hug. This enthusiasm lead to both Connell and her nephew to fall to the ground. The fall broke Connell’s wrist and adversely affected her quality of life.

Now, being four years later, Connell has followed through with (probably) the most reasonable of actions. She filed a lawsuit against her own nephew.

Connell was seeking $127,000 in damages from her now 12 year old nephew. But after 40 minutes of discussion, jurors decided in the child’s favor.

While it may sound merciless that an aunt tried to sue her own nephew over a hug, Connell’s attorney claims this was never the case.

The attorney had this to say, “From the start, this case was about one thing, getting medical bills paid by homeowner’s insurance. Our client was never looking for money from her nephew or his family. It was about the insurance industry and being forced to sue to get medical bills paid. She suffered a horrific injury. She had two surgeries and is potentially facing a third. Prior to the trial, the insurance company offered her one dollar. Unfortunately, due to Connecticut law, the homeowner’s insurance company could not be identified as the defendant.”

To summarize, Connell isn’t an evil monster. She was just trying to get her medical bills paid for. It’s just a shame that this is what had to be done to pay for her “horrific” injuries.

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